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Our value


Our brand name products provide high value for our customers and end-users. We offer well-made everyday items that have undergone QC testing, and meet with high standards of quality and safety. All three brands have evolved into leading household names in Russia and Eastern Europe.

This is what we mean by valuevalue

Manufacturing Value
We bring with us over 15 years of manufacturing experience. All of our products are produced at reputable facilities and meet uncompromising quality standards. Our products are of high quality and undergo strict QC inspection and testing by trained product staff to ensure the highest possible standards are adhered to.

Product Value
Our mission is to bring the best and newest everyday trends to as many homes as possible. This is why we invest in the development of our product lines and have made it a priority to continually update them to reflect the latest stylish features and color pallets. Our proven track record in delivering leading houseware trends is evident in our brands, which have evolved into leading household names in our markets. Each year we introduce over 500 new items.

Presentation Value
For us, the presentation of a product is synonymous with quality, and is above all. We believe that presentation is a very important aspect of the buying experience, and enhances the sense of buyer satisfaction. As part of our product strategy, we devote significant efforts in the design, artwork and quality of our color boxes. In fact, we are so enthusiastic that even our master cartons get their share of embellishments. Since getting products to their destination should be simple and hassle free, we invest in packaging materials of superior quality. All of our boxes undergo a drop test to ensure the safety of package content.

Purchasing Value
Our clients benefit from increased purchasing power with our flexible MOQ requirements,  translating into a significantly greater range of products offerings you can assemble in any given shipment. Essentially, you can fill a container with 1,000 cartons holding +150 different products. Select from our endless variety of products, of over 7,000 items.  Our advanced logistics network always offers you the best solutions and services. To hear about business opportunities contact us today.