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The Company
We are a growing company offering a wide selection of affordable homeware products. For over 15 years Mayer & Boch has been bringing the best and newest trends in home items. Mayer & Boch operates in Russian and Eastern European markets and has grown into one of the leading houseware brands in the region.

Our product portfolio consists of about 7,000 ready to sell merchandise for home use. Through our three brand lines we offer an extensive variety of kitchenware and cookware products, home electronics and home styling items.

Our mission is to bring the best and newest everyday trends to as many homes as possible. We believe in spreading the joys of progress by delivering the ultimate homeware solutions to brighten up kitchens and homes the world over.

Our product lines are continually updated with the latest popular colors, features and trends. Each year we introduce over 500 new items. We maintain a close relationship with our associates and representatives in Eastern Europe and are poised to growing with new business partners and expand into surrounding markets.